Hour of Code

hour-of-code-logoGot an Hour? Code Away!

In this age of technology and innovation, our daily activities have become heavily dependent upon electronic devices and machines, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, advanced automobiles, airplanes, space shuttles and so on. Without machines, we would not be able to create a better quality of life and find solutions to real-life problems. Computer programming, or coding, plays a significant role in making our day-to-day devices function. Coding make it possible for us to create computer software, mobile applications, websites, automobile interface and cyber security platforms. Coding is an excellent way to learn about critical thinking and step-by-step logical thought processing, and to teach kids about how to make their devices and machines work!

Since 2012, Hour of Code has become a global movement to promote the importance of coding among kids and adults. Well-known celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Alba, tech leaders Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates and Jack Dorsey, and even world leaders such as President Barack Obama have joined this spectacular initiative to create awareness regarding the exciting world of computer programming. Currently, there are 146,275 Hour of Code events across the globe.

With over 200 tutorials and lesson plans, Hour of Code provides resources for teachers to incorporate coding into their classrooms, ongoing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs, robotics clubs and much more. Available in over 45 languages and compatible with all electronic devices, Hour of Code allows anyone, including students, teachers and parents, to pick a grade level, topic, activity or language, and learn the basics of coding in a fun, interactive and easy way!

Learn more about Hour of Code and its impact here and visit Hour of Code to start coding right away!

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