Holiday Traditions

As another year comes to an end, we begin to reflect on what is important to us and give thanks for those around us. We had fun learning about some of our Extension and Communications staff’s holiday traditions last year, so we decided to ask again this year, “What is your favorite holiday tradition?”

Annette Ericksen, Assistant Program Director for Agriculture & Natural Resources – Making fattigmans. This is a secret Ericksen recipe for a Norwegian treat.

Ray Moeller, Extension Agent – Christmas Eve service followed by Chinese food with the full family.

Hannah Payne, Assistant Program Director for 4-H and Director of CASTEM – Time off = board games!

Stacy Ford, Extension Agent – Buying a new ornament every year and getting the old ones out from years past.

ChristmasPresentCarolyn Stuart, Interim Assistant Program Director for FCS & CED – Waking the children at 12:01 a.m. to open gifts!

Tabitha Surface, Extension Agent – My immediate family getting together on Christmas Eve. We exchange one gift, play games and have a really lovely evening.

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