Best. Gift. Ever.

In keeping with the holiday theme, we decided to ask our agents and staff, “What is your favorite gift you’ve ever received for the holidays?” From funny to heartwarming, and everything in between, read on to see what has topped their lists over the years.

He-Man-and-Battlecat-figuresMatt Browning, Director of Communications – Well, there was the time my mom left all my He-Man toys at her office and told me they were on back order with Santa Clause and he’d drop them off soon. Although, my favorite may be my Super Nintendo. I still have it. And still play it.

Tabitha Surface, Extension Agent – Shirt-boxes filled with Nancy Drew books!

Carolyn Stuart, Interim Assistant Program Director for CED & FCS – A Take My Hand and I’ll Walk with You doll.

Kaysha Jackson, Extension Agent – My favorite gift ever was given to me by my older brother. I was 7 years old. On Christmas Day, he walked in the door with a “My Size” doll who stood on her own, had blue hair and came with two tiny discs you could insert in her back to make her sing! What made it even more amazing years later was that this was a time when we had absolutely nothing. Our family was struggling financially, and he began working at the local grocery store to help my mother. He would give my mother most of his check and would save the rest, simply because he wanted to make sure I had a great Christmas and never felt the impact of what we were going through.

Chris Zeto, Extension Agent – An electric scooter when I was in grade school. With snow on the ground and Santa slippers on my feet, I had to take it for a spin as soon as I saw it!

Tammy Hauldren, Extension Associate – The best gift for me always is snow on Christmas Eve and Day!

CPKStacy Herrick, Communications Specialist – The year Cabbage Patch Dolls came out (1983), my parents tried and tried to find one for me for Christmas. Lucky for them, I was too young to make a big deal about it not being under the tree that morning. However, when we were leaving to go visit my grandparents on Christmas afternoon, my dad found a Cabbage Patch Doll sitting on the front seat of his car with a tag that said, “To Stacy, Love, Santa.” To this day, my family still has no idea who left that doll for me (and I still have the doll)!

Stacy Ford, Extension Agent – My engagement ring from my husband! (Or, my twin baby dolls that were anatomically correct.)


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