Winter Driving

Holiday and Wintertime Safety

By Nikki Honosky, WVSU Extension Associate

The cold of winter has started settling in, and the holiday season is upon us. It’s the time of year where people rush into stores in order to find that perfect gift and all the fixings for the festivities to come. Something that many find little time to think about, however, is holiday safety. There are a variety of things that you can put into practice in order to keep yourself safe.

Decorating for the holidays is a serious business, often involving out-of-reach portions of your house or yard. When putting up lights or similar decorations, use the proper tools. If it requires a stepladder or ladder, use them. Don’t try to substitute with a chair or any other available furniture. Furniture wasn’t meant to be used as support, so they aren’t made to support much weight, which could make it collapse. When using any form of ladder, make sure that it is on an even surface and that it either won’t slide or make sure someone is there to hold it steady for you.

Another important holiday safety tip is to travel safely. Whether you’re traveling by car or just walking to your destination, be careful. Winter is here, so you may be dealing with either snow, ice or some combination. Either of those weather conditions can be dangerous if underestimated, so exercise caution when dealing with wintry conditions. Snow can also be dangerous for many reasons. One such reason is that ice can form underneath that wouldn’t be visible because of the top layer of snow. Another factor you will have to deal with is black ice, also known as glare ice. This type of ice can be transparent and can be difficult to detect. Black ice can make the road look wet, so be cautious when traveling. West Virginia doesn’t have the straightest roads on the planet, and negotiating curves can be difficult. Bridges or overpasses have a higher chance of being covered in ice as well, so be sure to remember that while driving this winter season.

If you happen to find yourself driving on any type of ice, remember: don’t panic or brake immediately. Remain calm and slowly take your foot off of the gas. Allow your vehicle to gradually slow down, while taking care to remain safe from the vehicle behind you. Search for a safe and/or secure place to park your vehicle, such as a parking lot. Just remember to make no sudden movements and that you remain cautious when dealing with ice in order to remain safe.

These are just a few tips in order to remain safe this holiday season. While everyone tends to focus on the festivities, don’t forget that the winter season can be dangerous. Always exercise caution throughout the season in order to have a safe holiday.